What's Your Happy??

Everyone has their own happy. What makes me happy is probably different than what makes you or someone else happy.  But whats most important here is that you find your happy...and you do just that. Screw what others have to say, their opinion doesn't matter. This is your life. This is your happy. You're in control. You deserve it. Being human is hard. Go find your happy...and when you do, never feel bad for it...never turn back!

 Happiness means fresh coffee or tea, anytime of the day. Not just in the mornings. Having time to sit and enjoy a hot cup up coffee or tea literally makes my day. Its the simple things.

 Seafood is definitely my favorite food, well crab legs specifically. I'm a sucker for a good crab boil. With me being from down south, we love to get together to eat & share laughs. & we don't have any problem getting our fingers dirty. Yumm, dig in!
Whoever cam up with this saying, is my hero! The beach=my favorite place in the whole wide world!!! lol
Good people! Yeah, this is an important one to me. The world we live in today is definitely becoming more complex and many other bad adjectives lol but good people is what keeps me sane. I can sense a good person by their smile, their energy, and by the way I feel around them! This beautiful lady randomly came up to me and asked me to dance at this Mexican restaurant! She said that I was beautiful and she wanted to teach me some of her hispanic dancing. I felt a bit strange but I joined her because her smile was so bright and sincere. I though, why not....I mean this lady is probably old enough to be my grandma yet she has this amazing spirit about her & seemed to be enjoying life. So I joined her & we danced to some hispanic songs in which I had no clue what they were saying, but it felt right. hehe.
Good People!

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