Asos Gets My Pesos

When I came up with the title of this post it made me chuckle! The selection that Asos has right now, well really most of the time, makes you want to spend your last dime with them! So yeah, this was the inspo for this post title! 
Here are a few of my faves for
I know I've been doing a lot of posting about wish lists/wants, etc. but 'tis the season right lol Lets have no shame & shop our asses off because we deserve new shit! Life is hard....lmbo

Buy that shit, yo. 


Juciy Couture Luxe Party Feather Cross Body Bag

River Island Longline Coat With Faux Fur Collar

Missguided Ruffle Detail Romper

Warehouse Cold Shoulder Tailored Cropped Jumpsuit


Quay Australia Exclusive Sugar and Spice Sunglasses with Rose Gold Lens

Daisy Street Green Snake Print Heeled Ankle Boots

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