A Glamorous Girls' Night In

Hello Ladies! Isn't it about time for a girls' night in? Girls' Night In is the night you let it all out, hold nothing back, and be your fun, loving, uninhibited self around the ladies who are closest to you! By the time the weekend gets here we are all looking for ways to have a bit of fun while some of us just want to relax! Well the amazing thing about Girls' Night In is that it is fun yet laid-back & you won't need reservations to do it! Simply call your best girls over & let the fun begin! Go on & call them up, I bet they'll be down!

Here are a few ways to make sure this night is amazing!

-Turn up the heat with shows like: Scandal, Orange is the New Black, Being Mary Jane, Single Ladies, Pretty Little Lars!

-Glamourous Wine Facial: Here Reduces wrinkles, draws out impurities, hydrates, and moisturizes!

-Vent Sesh: Have no fear, super girl friends are here!! Vent & blab on about some of the things that have been worrying you lately, get/give advice, tell funny stories, laugh it out, & hug it up!! Go ahead...You need this!

...and lastly but most importantly, take usies: & post on social media showing others how much fun you and your girls are having!!!  #BestGirlsNightEver

Here are three amazingly, delicious looking recipes that I have found for the perf girls' night!

White Chocolate Sprinkle Dipped Strawberries Here

Pesto Grilled Shrimp Here

Oh So Glam! :) Cotton Candy Martini Here

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