Tybee Island

This was such a fun trip with some girl friends of mine! We decided to take a trip to Savannah (Georgia) for St. Patty's weekend and we had an amazing time! Savannah is known for painting its town, specifically downtown in all green...even the water!! Yes, water fountains and rivers are green! After we partied and walked the river street, which is filled with people drinking, eating, and having a good time, we headed out to this small island (Tybee Island) for some fun in the sun! This island was one way in and one way out and we drove a 20-25 minute road to get there while blasting our music, bobbing our heads, and recording snapchat videos! hehe loads of girly fun!!!! Of course I snapped plenty of photos and with this beautiful view & weather, how could i not? :)


  1. Well well well....someone is looking hot and beautiful. Nice bikini! :)