5 Ultimate Glam Girl Movies

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Here we go!

Those Summer days when you have absolutely nothing to do to the point its just ridiculous!!! lol ...Have no fear...these chick flicks are your best friends!!! Hug them, cuddle with them, and store them in a safe place after use because in them are life long lessons that all of us glamorous girls can take from & apply to our own fabulous lives! I mean a girl has to do what she's gotta do! If that means pretending that a credit card debt collector is a stalker ex-boyfriend, thats just what its gonna be haha. ( If you haven't seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, you totally wouldn't get this)

These are my top 5 & trust me they will get you through any boring summer day! Grab your favorite chip & dip combo, fix yourself up a  sangria, you're set! 

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