23 Years of Glamorous

 My birthday weekend was a success! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in the city of Atlanta! Glitzy restaurants, night life, shopping, social scene....you name it! Atlanta is definitely a "Hot Spot" for the young and the fabulous! If you didn't know already then you should probably know that I love wearing all white! White is a color that just pops on me! White with a bold red lip is a must for me every year on my birthday! Ok guys, seriously...one of my outfits has to be all white, its a ritual lol.

... below is photos of my birthday dinner attire. I made reservations at this south African/American cuisine restaurant,with rustic yet chic decor-Yebo. I will have more details & photos of this upscale spot in my next blog post.


***23 Years of Glamorous***

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