Closet Organization

Hi My glamsies!! I know its been a minute since I've actually written in a post so today I'm speaking to you all & showing you how I organize my wardrobe! I want to start by saying that organizing your closet is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your room! The reason why my room gets messy so quick when looking for an outfit is because things are literally shorts are mixed in with swimsuits, tops mixed with dresses....(yikesssssss)! Let's admit it, this is so horrible lol. I'm busy going here, there and I'm sure that you ladies are too which means that we want to quickly store our clothes the quickest way possible!! Big, Big Mistake!! Not only do our rooms start to look like someone just donated a bunch of clothes to us and literally dumped it on our floors/beds but this also means that we take 45mins.- hour to find something to wear & NO this does not include clean up time lol. How do we fix this problem thats been happening to us fashion gals for ages????


I organize by color coordinating my clothes!
I organize by putting my shoes where I can see them!
I organize by putting underwear with underwear, shorts with shorts, etc.

I strategize by picking a top, then bottoms, then shoes, (which are already in my view) and then I accessorize!

This has made the process for me picking an OOTD very efficient!


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