Pure Tropix

Hello Lovelies! Today I'm reviewing a few products from a company called Pure Tropix. Pure Tropix's mission is "twofold first, to create a line of the purest natural skincare products from the finest ingredients without color additives, harmful chemicals or animal testing; second, to capture the, beauty, history, romance and glamour of the world's most Tropical cities and to honor traditional remedies and incorporate them in Modern applications in the forms of advanced skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams, and lotions". 

Here is the link to Pure Tropix Website:

Can you tell that this body butter is whipped very nicely?! It made my skin feel sooooo lovely! I've been using it since I've go it. After showers, before bed, in the morning, etc. It's so luxurious and i definitely think that it is worth way more than what it is selling for! It has a fruity smell but not too fruity! The texture is thick & creamy and melts into your skin as you're applying it!
After mask:

The mask gave my face a tingly sensation and I could tell that it was getting all of the yuck out of pores! After I rinsed it off, my face felt fresh and squeaky clean! As you can see, it gave me a nice glow! I love the fact that all of Pure Tropix products only consist of natural ingredients!!! That is very important to me.

For the removal of ingrown hairs! Great for barbers and men after shaving!

After I rinsed off the mask, I applied the toner to an exfoliating cotton pad and gently applied it to my face and neck. The scent wasn't too strong and my face felt better than ever!!! I do recommend these products especially if you are into natural skincare products that won't hurt your pockets! Pure Tropix offers quality inexpensive products. 

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