How To: Grey Lips | Mac's Stone Dupe | Under $5

Happy Thursday Glamsies!
Today I'm showing you how to get gray lips! Some people like it, some people don't. I happen to be one of those people who like to try things out first before bashing it! When I first seen the trend, I thought wow, I must try this for myself! The problem came in when I realized I had no clue where I would find gray lipstick. Like most girls who are into makeup, the first place to look I thought would be MAC! So I get in MAC and WALLAHHHH, there's Stone. I love Stone & I plan on purchasing it in the near future but I thought how fun would it be if I could find a cheaper alternative (dupe) for it. So I set out to the drug stores!! Thats when I discovered Jordana's Khaki Eyeliner. Its perfect but just for your eyes, lol, Oh well, I thought, so what. I got it & when I got home & tried it, It looked too washed out so i added a bit of nude lipstick.....

Lipstick + Liner

Liner Only

Products Needed:
Jordana Easyliner (For Eyes) in Khaki
L'oreal Lipstick in 862 Nude
1. Apply Liner
2. Apply Lipstick in the middle of lips.
3. Rub them in & you now have GLAMOROUS gray lips!

(If you like the matte look, wear only the liner. If you like a little moisture add more of the lipstick!)


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