I Am Consciously Beautiful Documentary Premiere

In support of my friend Dynasty, it was only right that I attended her very first film documentary which she produced herself, I AM Consciously Beautiful! This was a great weekend over all in Atlanta! Not only did I attend this event, I also attended the Lipstick Monologues! The Lipstick Monologues will have you all in your feelings and is a must see for every woman, men too. It allows women to have a voice without being ridiculed or judged. 

"The Lipstick Monologues are a uniquely arranged portrayal of words and soliloquies that often go unspoken in the minds and hearts of women." I do want every woman to see at least one showing because it will really awaken your mind, heart, and soul to the minds and hearts of other women. I could literally feel how those women felt as they spoke. 

Dynasty and I.
Blogger Lia Calloway and I
Of course we did what girls do when their friends come to town! Shopping, drinks, and girl talk!

Never had onion rings on a burger, it was tasty!
Nothing like girl talk, can you say vent SESH?! LOL

The Atlantic Grille @ Atlantic Station
It was a rainy weekend but that didn't stop us from having an amazing time!

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