Liebster Award Q & A

Firstly, I want to send a very special thank you to Tanisha at Aiming 2 Inspire for nominating me for this award! I am so happy to be welcomed into the blogosphere as a new blogger!

1. Why did you start your Blog?
**I started my blog for my love of fashion, style, and writing! I've always had my own sense of style and was always the outcast in school when it came to my fashion sense. I literally got in trouble & sent to the office for the things I use to wear to school lol haha. I couldn't express myself completely & I blogging helped me to be my whole, true self! Growing up I didn't like writing but as a student in University, writing became second nature to me and I began to like writing! I also love researching & learning new things then writing on my findings/analysis
(nerdy lol)

2. What's your main purpose in life?
My main purpose in life is to be glamorous. lol Just kidding. Not really. haha.
No, seriously. My main purpose in life is to be HAPPY! I am most happy when I am doing the things I love like dressing up, traveling, meeting new people, trying different foods, and achieving personal goals.

3. If your life were to be a movie, what actress would you want to play?
If my life were a movie I would like to play Gabrielle Union in Two Can Play That Game! lol I love here role in that movie! Confident & Fab!

4. Who inspires you the most?
I am inspired mostly by black female entrepreneurs, bloggers, and  YouTuber's as a whole! Each and every one of you guys inspire me in some way, shape, or form because each & every one of you have gained knowledge from!

To name a few:
Patricia Bright -YouTuber
Jayla Watson - YouTuber
Lori Afia - Blogger
Missy May - Blogger


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