Pretty Bird

Say Hi to my grandma, lol !

Pretty bird,
you're so pretty,
but why I never see you fly?

If you haven't heard Jhene Aiko's track Pretty Bird, go listen! It's undeniably beautiful. 

She has really been speaking for me lately. Her music is so relatable to my current situation and just speaks to my spirit. 

Ive been really emotional lately. Probably because my life just changed. Post college issues, lol. After you've been doing the same routine for 5 years, then you suddenly don't have to do those things any more...well now its like what do I do now? lol 

In college when you studied you got rewarded-good grades, awards, etc.
Yeah, this adult/real world thing is not too rewarding, haha. & its kind of boring, well at least it is right now. At this point, I have been out of school for 4 months. I've never felt more confused lmao.
I was totally ecstatic about graduating and while I am grateful and feel very accomplished, Im trying to figure if I got tricked or what lol. 

On a serious note though, I'm willing to work my butt off at any company willing to give me a chance. With me having a marketing degree, a bit of internship experience, customer service and volunteer experience I thought that that was enough to at least get me in the door but oh well, maybe i'm just rushing it. Trust God's timing, right?!

I see everyone flying and I'm just wondering why I haven't began to do the same. I feel as though I have my wings but I just can't seem to take off....


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