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Hi my Glamsies, It has been a minute! How are you all? I hope all is great & GLAM! :) I haven't been up here in about a week. Sorry I've been so inconsistent but lets face it, life happens! While I consider this blog to be a 'fashion blog' I do dab into lifestyle, travel, etc. type things! Well I hope you guys don't mind me writing about some personal things since I do feel as I should really get this off of my chest!! You guys we are about to have a venting sesh! lol

Sooooo, first off I am a very private person when it comes to my personal life and I like to keep everything to myself unless its really life changing lol. I'm sure you strong women can relate, we think that we can fix our problems on our own which is true sometimes but there is nothing like getting advice from someone trustworthy or just having someone that will LISTEN/UNDERSTAND. 

Ok, here goes nothing.

I don't know if this has something to do with me being 23 or what! Is it ok to feel this way at 23? To feel confused or on the fence when it comes to dating. Like a part of me wants to be particular about who I have relations with ( you know like have actual standards and date to marry) but half of me just wants to have fun, be free, and careless. Sometimes I tell myself that I should date for the experience and to stop thinking so much, be young, make mistakes, laugh at them later. IDK. Maybe I don't even know how to date. lol Majority of the time I want to be my goofy, weird, free-spirited self, that is when I am the most comfortable. Please feel free to comment below your experiences, advice, whatevz :)


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