Tasteful Details

I hope you all are feeling lovely and I am delighted to be back blogging again after being ghost for a couple of days! I know you all have been keeping it glam because thats just how we do it over here on The Glam Agent, right or right?! lol

Todays post is just of a few bits that have been my daily go to for the past few weeks! You ever have those moments when you keep going back to that same lipstick or accessory??? Well, these are mine!
Enjoy the rest of your week....MUAH!

[ (Ps, The Glam Agent's 1st Blogiversary is on this Saturday, 10/10/15 and girrrllllls we will be celebrating!! So be here for all types of girly, glam fun + MORE! :) ]
***Cockatils ~Whats a cocktail without a pretty straw~ lol 

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