The Glam Agent Turns 1!

Girrrrrrrrrls, lets celebrate! The Glam Agent has turned 1! It is time to celebrate in a GRAND, GLAMOROUS way! **throws glitter, sips champagne, and blows kissess*** lol

Ok enough of the dramatics and down to the business! I am so, so , so grateful and appreciative of every single one of you who have been supporting me and motivating me to keep going! i want to give a special shoutout to MissyMay and Lori Afia (hopefully you ladies are reading this lol)  for supporting me from the very beginning. Blogging is truly my passion! I have always been in love with fashion and I have always had my own style! My style was always a form of an expression and it feels amazing to actually be making a career out of my own art. This fashion blogging thing has truly been a process and though I am not always consistent with it, I do always come back to it and will continue to!

So once again, Thank You, Thank You!


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