Your Skin Will Thank You This Winter

Hi Glamsies!
Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally here. We can exhale now, lol
Today's post is right on time for some weekend shopping! You should definitely pick these items up this weekend because trust me, you'll be needing them as the weather gets cooler! Here are the top 5 items you can't live without this winter:


1. H2O
(Lemon water is the best water!)
*The importance of staying hydrated can not be stressed enough! While its important to drink lots of water year around, during the winter months drinking water is very important to maintaining skin texture/elasticity. You don't want to be the one walking around with crusty skin, lol. Also, water cleanses your internal organs and keeps nasty colds & the flu away, awesome!

2. A night cream
(Bobbi Brown Night Cream)
I know people are like a night cream, really? Yes, yes, and yes! A night cream will take your skin far during the winter months simple because our skin needs every bit of moisture it can get. Think about it. We cleanse our face morning and night, so we must replace what we took away from our skin...its moisture/natural oils. Why not apply a cream and hit the sheets? It'll work while you get your beauty rest, no further effort from you needed! For a better nights sleep, try finding a lavender infused night cream, thank me later :)

3. A retexturizing mask
(Origins Retexturing mask w/ Rose Clay)
Cold weather drys and cracks our skin. so therefore, it is important to get our skin back to its proper texture! A mask isn't necessary every day but i would say at least once a week if you're following your regimen as you should. [cleanse, tone, & moisture+moisture] This mask will get your skin back to looking like its normal self after the harsh cold and winds have gotten a hold to it!

4. An exfoliating brush
(I recommend Sephora's Dynamic Duo Brush)
An exfoliating brush is necessary to get rid of the dullness and replace the glow! Its that simple!
Get you one! :)

5. A Warm-Toned blush
(Nar's blush in Taos)
You want your face to be popping right? hehe I mean it is winter time and the days aren't so bright, as a matter of fact their gloomy and cold, so lets brighten it up! This blush will add a hint of warmness to your look and highlight your features! It will make your winter days feel not so wintery!

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