Kick Up Your Heels With Asos

Hi Glamsies! How are you guys week going so far? My week is dragging seems and today is rainy so that doesn't make it much better! Want to know what does make it better? Talking to you you guys! :) Blogging and fashion makes me feel so LIT ! lol Oh & Shopping! 
(Two blog posts in one day, I'm LIT, yo!)

Today's blog post is about Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
I love Asos because they have decent prices but their shoes are amazing! So here are a few of my fav that are on the website right now and I'm going to tell you how to wear them and the perfect outing for them! 
Here we go....
A bit much for the office but if you're adventurous with your style, you can definitely swing it! 
Perf for: Brunch, Church
Low chunky heel screams professional yet chic! Here are your work shoes :) 
Perf for: Work, Meetings, Church, maybe Shopping
Its too cold for sandal heels but I still want to look hot! Here you go!
Perf for: Lounge, Clubbing, Rooftop Bar

I am so in love with these, OMG!
Perf for: AnyFreakinWhere

These are the heels you grab when your girls are rushing you but they actually turn out making your outfit look BOMB!
Perf for: Girls night out, Bar, Lounge

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