Your Hair Will Thank You This Winter

Hi Glamsies! My post "Your Skin Will Thank You This Winter" was highly liked so I thought I'd do a similar post but for your hair! During the winter months the weather could be rather harsh not only on your skin but also on your hair! Its very important to pay special attention to your hair during these months because this is when hair breakage is at an all time high! YUCK! So below are products to keep your strands moisturized and to fend away breakage...Winter Hair Care
1. The most important thing during this time is to get a hair mask because it is now your new hair product bestie! I recommend using 2x a week for extra protection, shine, and moisture! A hair mask moisturizes by going beneath your scalp and penetrating your strands from within. Make sure you let it sit for at least 15 mins! Instant results that you'll love! :)

2. An oil is needed because our hair tends to dry out so quickly in the winter and strips it of moisture. Using this oil daily or as needed will add that oil back to your scalp and aids with moisture and maybe hair growth! 

3. Instead of a shampoo, use a co-wash instead! Best thing created! Its so efficient,  you're like basically cleansing & conditioning at once, awesomeeeee! I recommend a co-wash instead of a reg shampoo because whilst your cleansing your strands, you're also conditioning too! Win/Win sitch!

4. Of course you need a reg condish, silly! :) You know why! 

5. & body oil in one! You can't beat moisturized hair & skin with the use of one product! i recommend Pure Grace by Philosophy. Smells good, too!

6. Get a brush, not just any brush.A soft brush that won't be harsh on your strands! keep your hair in place by using a soft brush that won't cause much tension. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


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