5 Amazing Ways To Spend Valentine's Day Alone

Hi my glamsies! If you are a new reader to my blog, you are now a glamsie! Everything done on this blog is glamorous and so are you all! Glam girls do glam things! And its no different on Valentine's Day. As a matter of fact we are going to up the amp on all things glam because this is a very special day for women around the globe! Single or taken, I think as women, most of us take Valentine's Day pretty serious and we all want to feel special on this day in particular.
Many women who are single don't know how they will be spending their Valentine's day but no worries I've got you covered and Im going to make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your day! You don't need a guy to make your day special, all you need is you & the right attitude!

Let the fun begin...

(The key to making the most of this day is keeping busy! Book your whole day up with fun activities, your schedule should be filled with fun, girly things.)

1.) Make yourself breakfast! Make it fun! Confetti pancakes, heart-shaped fruit, make yourself a mimosa and drink it from a pretty glass! Oh yeah, Turn your music up & dance while your cooking, makes it so much better! promise, lol.

2.) Make spa reservations for yourself! Spend your day getting pampered. Get the works...full body massage, facial, everything! Don't forget to mingle, this is a great place for much needed girl chit chat! Leave the spa feeling refreshed!

3.) Go get yourself a professional makeover! The perfect time to go is after you leave the spa! Let her know you're single and your'e having this day to yourself, she will slay your makeup for sure now because she knows how important it is for you to feel absolutely amazing today! 

4.) Outfit inspo above! Or wear what makes you feel your best!

5.Hit up the nail salon and after that get some RETAIL THERAPY! Perfect! Nothing that a day of shopping can't solve...well atleast for me! Buy yourself those things you've been eyeing!

As your day comes to an end, stop by the store to pick up the latest magazines of your choice and get comfy on your couch! This is definitely the perfect time to cuddle up on your couch with magazines, a good book, a glass of wine, and some popcorn! 

If you have creative ways to spend your day alone, leave them below! I would love to read them and so will others :)

I wish you all a very Happy & GLAMOROUS Valentine's Day 2016! 


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