Beauty Products I'm Currently Trying

So far I am loving this soap! It really cleanses deep down and leaves my skin squeaky clean. I love the way it leaves me smelling as well. I smell something like an Egyptian goddess would have smelled all whilst covered in GOLD :) Found this product at Target.

Evertime I wear this mascara my mom asks me if I'm wearing false lashes and I'm like nooooo with a big grin! Muahhhaaaaahahahaha.

Now this product has been the talk of the beauty world as of lately and for good reason! This is on its way to being a staple in my collection. It does everything that it says it will. 

Yeah, I love this stuff! This is on its way to being a staple as well. While, I don't see this replacing my Clinique moisturizer, it definitely is near the top because of the fact that it has Spf and is moisturizing. Safe for daily use!

Thanks for reading!

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