Dreaming of Summer...

Hiiii, I miss speaking to you all, giving you advice, and just expressing my love for fashion! 
Life has happened. I've been through a storm, came out. Gotten a new job. Now I'm back here, again, lol. I realized that I am not a fan of cold weather! Its so depressing to me! I was going through some of my photos and it made me realized how much I love warm weather!  
Here are the top 5 reasons why I love summer!
Firstly, lets take the time to admire the way that the sun is gleaming and making everything glow....so lovely, right?! Everything is better in the summer time :)

1. I can look good with minimal effort! Backless dresses, rompers, and sandals! yes!
2. People are nicer! Everyone is out enjoying themselves...at the beach, a backyard barbecue, or just taking the time to mingle when leaving the supermarket, etc.
3. BEACH, PLEASE! enough said :)
4. I don't have to warm my car up & the morning. Just hop in & go! Sunroof back, music up, lol
5. Summer nights.....perfection! Especially when there is a bit of  a breeze. I like to kick back, relax with a glass of sangria or a wine cooler...bliss!!


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