I Can't Live Without These Beauty Products

Ello! I hope All is well and that you are having a magnificent week! Todays post is about some beauty products that i can't live without as you can see from the title! I have been using these products for the past year or two and have come to deem them as STAPLES! Keep reading & I will tell you why!
 This is my holy grail toner! It just gets the job done without all of the extra-ness! I've tried and will try other toners but I have always came back to this one by Clinique! Its only $13 bucks and totally worth every dollar because...It really gets down into your pores and removes all traces of dirt and makeup. So Yes my face feels squeaky clean and refreshed and it ACTUALLY is! No brainer :)
Black soap is bae! I use to buy all types of cleansers ranging from drugstores to stores like Sephora and no cleanser has come close to matching that of the infamous Dudu-Osun! I first heard of this from a YouTuber LizLizLive when she mentioned it in her skincare regimen and when she mentioned the ingredients which are 100% natural, I thought WOW, I must give this s try! It cleanses, brightens, purifies, and moisturizes....I've been hooked since and for great reasons! As mentioned, Dudu Osun is composed of the ingredients Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Camwood, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Palm Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice, and H2O! The price is around $3 bucks...need i say more?!

This is my trusty everyday foundation! This shade is perfect for me and dead on! Its the perfect consistency for everyday wear and thats what I love about it. Its also under $10 bucks so thats good too! When I don't wear my Mac or Nars foundations, this is it! :)
Where would my skin be without you? You have really been my savior, lol. Guys....get you a moisturizer, they save lives! No seriously, this is the best moisturizer ever. google it, I ain't lying girl! :) $26 bucks and worth it! When choosing between dinner or a good moisturizer, choose this...duhh!

When I look sleepy when I get up in the mornings...yeah I don't look sleep anymore after I apply this! My under eyes look as if i got good rest the night before when I didn't! 
I think this is around $20 bucks! Bae forever...  :)

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