The Glam Agent Takes Downtown St. Louis

St. Louis has such as beautiful downtown area! There was so much to see and so many out-of-towners. This is the coolest To-Go sign I've seen thus far, TGI Friday's! Oh I loved my outfit this day! It made me super happy, maybe it was my bright sandals lol (Old Navy)

This is the Dred Scott Monument which is located in front of the Old Courthouse. Fred Scott and wife, Harriet Scott.

"One of the most important cases ever tried in the United States was heard in St. Louis' Old Courthouse."
That's the very same site where in 1846 the couple sued for their freedom from slavery setting in motion the presidential candidacy of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War and three Amendments to the Constitution.

When the St.Louis sun highlights your
This was my first time being in a casino! The atmosphere was pretty awesome! The drinks were strong and the buffet was delicious and all you can eat, including seafood (crab legs) Yummy! They're my favorite so you know i had a blast was so full until i almost couldn't walk back to my hotel room. lol It was soo worth it. I played the slot machines and a little bit of russian roulette. Sad to say that I didn't win lol My luck wasn't worth a dime that night but hey it was about the experience! I met a lot of St. Louis natives and I must say that they're accents are interesting lol in a good way!
This is the Gateway Arch, you can read about its history just about anywhere on the web! Can you believe that the people were that high up in the sky while building this? Like wow, the thought itself is pretty amazing! You can actually go inside of it and to the top of it. I wish i would've have taken that opportunity and gotten that experience. Next time i visit St. Louis, I will definitely be doing it, you're suppose to be able to see a lot up there!
This is a preview of my style one day on those St. Louis streets lol Oh yeah, the people are super nice there! 
I hope you enjoyed this mini travel post, there are more to come! & if you haven't been to St. Louis before, you need to put that on your list of places to see!! Make sure you visit the restaurant Sweetie Pie's, you will be licking your fingers :)

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