Happy New Year! 2017 Will Be Amazing!

My NYE Dress: KnowStyle
Happy New Year!!! It's finally 2017 and what a year we had! Glad thats behind us because that was a heap to deal with but lessons learned that made us all 100x's better so we can't even be mad at that! I just know this year is going to be full of magic, I can feel it! I feel a shift happening in my personal life and in the world...& its a good feel! So Just wanted to take the time to come to you and tell you that you can do anything you want to do! This is the perfect time to do exactly what you want to do! What are you waiting for? The time will never be 'right'! The time is right, right now! Do it. Go for it. You don't want to regret not going after what you want. I promise you, you will always have that itch & will never be satisfied until you TAKE that LEAP! Step out on faith! That thing that you're thinking of as you read this...yeah that. Do it! This is your sign! It's seriously time out for mediocrity. its time to live a life of purpose that keeps us fully-filled and happy! We should be so happy and filled with positivity  that its spilling over onto others and into their lives! Being happy is contagious but so is being negative and unhappy. so guess what we choose? Happiness and positivity! 

If there is someone in your life that gives you a bad feeling, talks down on you, and is negative, cut them off! I mean it! Cut them off, they are no good for your well-being nor where you are going! Oh, thats your family member? Love them from a distance! Oh that's your friend? been your friend for 10 years? They're still your friend but love them from a distance. Be loyal from a distance. We can't have anymore negative disturbances or hindrances keeping us from being who we need to be and living a fulfilling life, filled with HAPPINESS! 

This is the TIME! Do what you want, whatever that is that makes you happy! Don't think twice about it. Don't worry what others will think/say about it, just do it! This is YOUR life. You're living it, not them! THIS IS FOR YOU! NOBODY ELSE. YOU!! GO GET THAT LIFE YOU"VE ALWAYS WANTED! 

Love Jamesia
The Glam Agent

I love you all & I greatly, greatly appreciate the time you've spent reading my blog and viewing my content! I have many great, amazing thing to come this year in 2017! I hope you stick around for many years to come!!! Xx

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