juice Beauty Review | The Organic Solution

Hey Glamsies! Today's post is on my current skin regimen. Im currently using this wonderful system by juice Beauty! I have been using the Green Apple formula for about 2 months now and I must say it has my skin feeling and looking renewed! I want to add that no matter what product you put into your skin, it is important to get the necessary beauty rest (they don't call it beauty sleep for no reason)! Also, H2o, H2o, H20! I can't stress that enough lol Drink it morning, noon, and night. I would recommend at least 3 bottles/day! Ok back to regular scheduled programming....lol

The way I use these products is: I use the peel twice/week. Say Sunday and Thursday! This is what works best for me and my skin :) I cleanse my face with Dr. Bonner's All in one Lavender Soap and tone with juice Beauty's Stem cellular Peel Spray. I let the toner set in and then i proceed to use the Green Apple Age Defy Serum! 
 Simple tings :)

Honestly, Im not really feeling this mascara. I've had better. The Blush is a pretty color and soft to my skin. I like it. The lipstick is ok too. I'm really all for their SKINCARE though. They did their thang lol 
Have you tried juice Beauty products? 


  1. Love your post and thanks for loving our skincare! Karen--founder

    1. I am honored! It means so much that you stopped by!