The Importance of Quality Content On Instagram

When you are on the explore page and you see what looks like an interesting, high-quality photo, there is a god chance that you're going to click it right? What about when you're scrolling your timeline, a photo catches your eye, chances are you'll like it right? Why is this? See if you want to be a great marketer, you have to think like one! Quality content is a MUST as a blogger! There is no room for crappy pictures if you want to WIN! lol There are so many mediocre pictures on Instagram and guess what? They're getting no attention, no love, and they have no influence! Is that what we want? I didn't think so lol So let's get real...Every. Single. One. of our photos on our IG feed needs to be LIT! And by Lit I mean: 

1. Good Lighting
2. Good Angles
3. Good Focus
4. Good Actual Content
5. Your photo should provoke a feeling (a good one)

I admit, this takes a little time, patience, and practice. But like all things, with consistently, you will get there! Hope this post was helpful to you! 


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