Evolution Salt Co.'s Himalayan Pink Sea Salts + Lavender

Hello! How are you? Hope you all are maintaining well!
With spring here, its time to RE- everything....lolRe-do, Re-new, Re-think, ....Yep, all of that!

Today's Post is about Evolution Salt Co.'s Himalayan Pink Bath Salts! I recently purchased this from T. J Maxx. T. J. Maxx has a wonderful beauty section and I always find organic, cruelty-free beauty products for unbeatable prices! This was one of my finds on my last trip.

What first caught my attention was the color of the salts and the sizes which ranged from very small to medium. The fact that the container held a lot of product also got my attention! 

So I picked it up and my eyes went straight to reading the ingredients because if a product has too many names/chemicals that I don't recognize, I don't buy it! No way, no way! lol

Sooo I read the ingredients and they read: Himalayan salt, Lavender essential oil, sunflower oil, and Organic Rosemary Antioxidant. THAT'S IT!

Done, lol

Since I have purchased this, I have been wanting to take more baths and It has definitely been needed with the minor irritations of life that have been popping up recently. What first caught my attention was the colors of the salt and the sizes which ranged from very small to medium. The fact that the container held a lot of product also got my attention! 

 How I Use: I run my bathwater and I make sure my water is as hot as my body can take and then I dump three handfuls of salt in the front, middle, and back of my bath water! I co
ntinue to let the water run while the salts dissolve and the oils disperse and until the bath is full.

.......I step into the waters of heaven, inhaling every whiff of Lavender oil and love.... exhaling my stress, tension, and doubts........
Pure relaxation.

I soak for about 20-30 mins, I step out of my heaven lol and let my body air drop. As i step out, I feel a little dizzy, only because your body has detoxed and released toxins so you feel a bit drained but also a relief in a good way!

Website says:
Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt is perfect for the ultimate bath experience. Since ancient times, Himalayan bath soaks have been used to purify, relax, rejuvenate, and restore one's balance. The skin is our largest organ, absorbing minerals, as well as toxins; therefore there are enormous benefits in taking Himalayan salt baths.
  • Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin on a cellular level, leaving your skin incredibly soft after a soak.
  • Gently draws toxins out of the body while 84 minerals are absorbed through the skin.
  • Alkalizes the body while balancing the pH of the skin.
  • Known for reducing inflammation of the muscles and relieving pain and soreness. 
  • Medicinal/Therapeutic grade essential oils. 
Wellbeing Benefits:
• Release Stress    • Exfoliate
• Relax Muscles     • Rejuvenate
• Hydrate Skin        • Stimulate Circulation
• Restore Vitality    • Detoxify
• Be Balanced

Directions: Add ½ cup of bath salt to warm water and soak for 20-30 minutes.
Note: If under medical supervision consult your physician.
Ingredients: 100% Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt and Essential Oil. No Additives.

I hope you enjoyed the post, Post in my comment section if you have tried bath salts in your bath or if you would like too! 
Here is the website to purchase this Product:

The Glam Agent


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