Monday, May 29, 2017
Hi Glamsies, Happy Memorial Day!

What are those thing that you absolutely cannot go without during the Summer months? This is what todays post is all about...

1.) Tortoise Cat-eye Sunnies - Soooo these are by far my fave sunglasses right now, stylish and protective! These are super classic but I love the cut-off at the bottom which makes for a more modern/trendy feel! 

2.) Lavender+Honey Tea Spoons - Found these at T.J Maxx, super tasty and convenient! I don't even use a regular spoon with my teas anymore. Healthy and easy to use. You know how I am about my foods and things lol. They have other flavors that I'm excited to try as well. These are so good, I like to eat them alone sometimes, without tea. I'm even more excited for my morning/night tea time now that I have this tasty addition!

3.) Pearl Face Elixir - Amazing!! This is by Pure Tropix and all natural! Perfect for putting on my face after my hot showers before bed. This literally soaks into my skin and gives me a glamorous glow without having to apply a whole lot. At first i was hesitant because I despise oily skin but this product has the right ingredients where the oil feels like its melting into my skin perfectly and nourishing it from within! 

4.) pur~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher - The mango and shea butters in this smells so amazing. This is a simple lip product that does exactly what it is supposed to do and I really needed this because sometimes I like to go bare without lipstick. The moisture that this gives my lips is great for when I want to wear it under a lipstick! Must have. 

5.) Essentia - If you've never payed attention to anything I've written on my blog pay attention tot his lol Get you some Alkaline water! There are so many benefits that I don't feel like typing at this moment that you can't miss out on this water lol. Drinking a bottle of this is like drinking regular water with 1000xs the benefits! Ive never felt more hydrated! My overall well-being feels amazing after drinking this product. i buy mine from Publix supermarket. Sometimes they have a 2 for $3 sale and thats mostly when I stock up! The best water I've tasted and very healthy!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to next time!


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