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Today's post is on pur~lisee! pur~lisse describes themselves as being a culmination of Asian wisdom and modern philosophy. Of course I was excited to try these products because of the ingredients that that use in them. They are very aware of the benefits of using all-natural ingredients in their products. This is what I value and this is what pur-lisse as a brand ranks as being highly important!

Let's get an inside look at their Blue Lotus White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask, Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30, Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk, and the Daily Lip Nourisher.

+This is a gentle cleanser that also removes makeup. (win/win sitch!) 
+Tones and soothes skin
+Rejuvenates skin.
+Antioxidant rich formula combats against free radicals.
++The consistency is runny but so gentle and calming. When Im using it, I get a spa-like experience and it leaves my skin cleansed, soft to touch, and pure. They put a lot of essential oils in this. I feel amazing about its natural ingredients!

This is the perfect addition to my Summer skincare regimen because of the SPF 30. You and I both can't afford to be without the good ol SPF during the Summer months, this is vital to keep for on the go beauty! I like that the tube is big enough for lots of product but small enough to carry on the go. I can just pull this out of my beauty pouch and apply it while laying in the sand on the beach! Can't beat that! Click the link to get the deeets!

This is by far the best lip product that I've ever owned! Its ultra-lightweight, ultra-nourishing, and perfect for wear under lipstick or alone! I love, love wearing it as a gloss! It's shiny but not in a cooking grease type of way lol Its very easy to apply and I reapply it all day long because it just feels so good on my lips and smells great as well! Smells like apricots and soft touch of mango! 
+Petroleum Free 
+Mango Seed Butter is highly nourishing & healing and contains Vitamins A, C and E 
+Jojoba Oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes chapped lips 
+Rice Bran Oil hydrates and protects lip from UV rays 
+Vitamin E conditions lips & leaves them supple and youthful 
+Enhances color when used under lipstick/gloss 
+Allows for smoother lipstick/gloss application

AMAZING! Very penetrating and ultra-moisturizing! I applied this mask after my shower and shampoo session. I applied the mask and let it sit for about 15 mins while sipping on my hot tea, and engaging in a girl talk convo with my fave! It says to not rinse but i really had a desire too. I must admit that I did not like the sticky, greasy after feeling of the mask. My face felt sticky in a way and I really wanted to rinse it. Other than that, its a mask that does what it says it will do! Just go ahead and purchase the 6 pack because you're going to use them all. lol
My skin was glowing and definitely gave me  younger appearance! 

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