Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island

Hi Glamsies! I want to start this post off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Sonesta Resort Hilton Head! I 100% recommend this resort to you if you're planning a trip to South Carolina! Stay tuned for the details of my mini vacay getaway...
We arrived and valet was very nice and helpful! We checked in at the front desk asap and got our 2 room keys (cards). We immediately went upstairs to our room which was a king sized suite. It included one large, king size bed, a couch (living room area), a spacious bathroom, and a huge balcony! We could see the pool and patio dining area from our room. Also we could see a little bit of the ocean...literally a 3 minute walk from our room. The bed pictured here was the absolute most comfiest best that I have ever slept on in my life! Everything was so nice, clean, and crisp. It was very hard leaving the bed but there were so many activities to do on our stay!
The bathroom was spacious and gave off a modern, minimalistic vibe which I loved. Less is more sometimes. Pictured is the shower area which included bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner all in a Coco Mango Scent! Amazing smell that i've never heard of and wish I could order online lol Who doesn't like options? I mean, come on...I'm sold on this place! Everything was so neat and in its perfect place. I indulged in this Coco Mango stuff, I swear! Poggesi...good job guys! I'm all for the Coco Mango :)
Ok so this was my outfit for the night. A backless halter, crop top and a nude maxi skirt (side slit)! I'm vining with the print on this top. Super retro vibes going on here.... I definitely took that bottle of Poggesi Coco Mango lotion home with me....that you see on that stand behind me lol
Top & Skirt: Forever 21
Iphone 7 Plus Case: Bealls Outlet

Ok so it was Easter weekend and that explains the snapchat filter in case you are wondering lol
This is the brunch/breakfast menu.
Here comes the not so good but honest part about this resort! Waitresses. kitchen staff suck! We waited 15 minutes before a waitress came to take our order then we waited another 30 minutes to get our food. When we got our food, we needed condiments, another 15 minutes of waiting. NOT GOOD! I wasn't happy because everything else had been so perfect and food is not something you play with. Obviously we didn't complain but several other people did and the manager came out to apologize but still that is unacceptable for such a high-priced resort! Overall the food was good but not the best i've ever had...I rate 7/10.
Let me start by saying that I didn't get my mimosas :( 
I ordered an omelet (w/salsa), hash browns, and an english muffin w/ orange juice. 
The orange juice was pretty refreshing. 
This is the side view from our room's balcony.
Beautiful! Orange is the best color fav)
On the way to catch some sun rays and lay in the sand! The resort is filled with flowers and tropical plants, trees along the trails. Also there were many different birds, lizards, turtles, and even alligators (in the ponds/swamps) yikes. 
All of these 'adventures' were absolutely free!
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A mirror after I had just got off the elevator. Selfie? Oh why not!
I forgot what drink this was but it was tropical & fruity, yum!

The best calamari i've had! I ordered this at the bar. 
Nice lighting at night. 

We wanted to experience the night life on Hilton Head Island so we called an Uber an was in route to a bar we found on Yelp! Our Uber driver was like oh no, you need to go to The Triangle! The Triangle is a plaza with 3 bars in 1 place! When we first arrived everyone was chill and there were only a few people having drinks and watching the basketball games. but oh my, when 12 am rolled around, i couldn't walk by without almost knocking someone's drink out of their hands! I literally had to turn to the side to get by. The whole place was jam packed! Everyone was having a great time! Every bar was playing different music and you could bar hop, it was so fun! I had a great time! Our Uber driver was so cool! I tried to call her back to drive us back to the resort but she was too far out on another Uber call...

Welp, thats my time and experience while at Sonesta Resort Hilton head Island, SC!
I hope you enjoyed reading!

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