An Adventurous Sunday

 Hello!! This past Sunday turned out to be so amazing! I spent the entire day exploring all alone and honestly it was the most freeing experience! Now I love my alone time but Ive never actually spent a whole day out & about by myself! 

I am absolutely in love with this romper. Y'all know how I feel about rompers and jumpsuits if you've been reading alone :)
This one in particular was perfect for this day. Very comfy and I was able to move around effortlessly.
The pockets came in handy for my keys and cell phone while hiking!

Top: Ross  // Romper: Tobi

Ok so my first stop was High Falls State Park. The scenery is literally breath-taking! I hiked my way down into the woods while stumbling over tree roots, stumps, and rocks to finally make it to a tranquilizing waterfall and people in swimsuits laying out on rocks and swimming! Everyone was so relaxed and soaking in the environment! Now there were signs that clearly stated 'no swimming or being on the rocks' but obviously people were ignoring them! There were people literally swimming in the waterfall and sitting up under the fall getting there heads drenched in the waters. I admit that It looked pretty cool and relaxing lol I honestly wanted to try it but I wasn't feeling that brave this day! 

I wanted to get so many more pictures but there were lots of people out and I don't feel too comfortable taking timed photos on my phone because I'm sure I'd look like a weirdo lol Guess what? I had to get a few though! I would find an empty spot with little to no people and snap it up! These photos are the results of that! 

Swinging, people watching,  and enjoying a smoothie in Piedmont Park.
(I really wanted to go for a swim but the pool was closing by the time I arrived. )

+Steamed Vegetable Dumplings
+Curry Noodle Soup
+Thai Tea

I hope you enjoyed.



  1. See you look all cute and pretty. Sundays are for yummy food! :-)

    1. Lol thank so much and i agree. I love Sundays & yummy foods!!!! Hope all has been well beautiful.