Happy 4th of July!

Hi Glamsies! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July Holiday! 

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear on this day! We had originally planned to go to the lake on this day so I wanted to wear something light and flowy. This is an easy-breezy look that I absolutely love...
So the main thing I love about this dress is the color. Its not a color that you see everyday and its very soft, feminine which I love! The color is called Orchid and its simply beautiful. The self-tie detailing is perfect for me because I like the option of adjusting the fit to my body shape and liking. This is a dress that I feel will look great on various body types because of the self-tie feature.

Your back is out (not your whole back) and your sides are peeking out but thats what makes this dress so amazing! The color just finishes it off perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 


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