12 Reasons You Should Be Buying Organic Skincare Products

There are so many benefits to taking care of your skin. It is a process and a journey getting to and maintaining the health and well-being of your skin but the results are so worth it. I know there are so many beauty brands and companies pushing their products out daily and promoting them as the best thing since the last best thing but how can we decipher between the real and the fake? or better yet what works or doesn't work? 

For starters, I'm here to tell you that everyone's skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. You really have to find what works for you, your skin, and your lifestyle when it comes to establishing a beauty ritual that will lead to healthy, amazing skin!

One thing stands true as the bottom line no matter what beauty routine or products you chose. Organic, all natural skincare will always win in more ways than one. See when we chose our beauty products, we are only thinking of how it will benefit us and most of the time we are not looking at the ingredient list on the back of those products. We are choosing these products based off of the ways it says it will benefit us, the price, and how it will make us look after using it. This is the purpose of us even purchasing these products but when we chose to go with the all natural solution we benefit the world as a whole. Ok, this is not a mother Earth blog or anything lol but if you've been following along you know how I feel about natural, clean, and green products. I'm definitely transitioning so there's no pressure or anything. I can't judge anyone because I also love my non-natural products that work too. 

Here are 12 reasons YOU and I should be buying organic skincare products:

Harmless Ingredients
The ingredients of a product can come from the most unbelievable things and places. I won't go into details but I will tell you to do your research and form your own conclusions. Products are being manufactured on a level which is unnatural and this we all know but we seem to put it in the back of our minds as if it is un-important yet we purchase these very products without considering how their ingredients could do more harm than good to our skin, body, and overall well-being. Let's be honest, no one looks at the ingredient list of each and every beauty product that we purchase. Honestly, who really has the time? With everyone in a rush to get somewhere (nowhere lol) we never make time to delve deep into the reality of things like this. It's time that we do. Green beauty products have mostly harmless ingredients and you can actually have a clue about what you're putting into and onto your skin. Most products are plant-based and made without harmful, icky chemicals.

Inexpensive Prices
Ok, not all organic skincare products will be affordable but most of them are. If you look to places like Etsy.com you are sure to find the nicest, most ethical, and plant-based skincare companies. They offer all types of green skincare products and even have it where you can bundle things together for a cheaper price. Sales are often on Etsy so you will have no problem finding the perfect product or seller. If that's not enough, you can even message the owner of the Esty shop and negotiate a price. Most Etsy shop owners will agree on bulk prices as well if you're into that! You can also check out your local markets like farmers markets and other local sellers for the best prices on natural, organic products! 

You Can Make Them Yourself
The best thing about it is that you can create your own beauty products using herbs and other natural resources that come from the Earth itself. No need to be a chemist. Easily whip up body butters, lotions, scrubs, and cleansers. They are super easy to make as long as you have the time and a little patience. Lavender and tea tree oils are very popular herbs and oils to use in making many different beauty products. There are many, many more though so do your research on herbs, plants, and other earth and plant-based ingredients for the best concoctions! Don't be afraid to test, test, and test some more until you get it right. There's no harm in that!

You Know What's In It
When using plant-based products, you can actually interpret the ingredient list. This is major for me because it is so frustrating reading an ingredients list that looks like it was created by a mad chemist. You can actually pronounce the ingredients and know where it came from and how it will benefit you specifically when using natural products. It won't be hard to research that particular ingredient and you can trace back to it easily. It feels amazing knowing exactly what you are putting into your skin and that's a good feeling. 

You Benefit In More Ways Than One
For instance, aloe vera as an ingredient in a cleanser will benefit you in various ways. As a cleanser, aloe vera kills bacteria that causes acne, soothes the skin, and lightens dark spots. While its good for your skin, it is also good for you hair and scalp. When you are using aloe vera as a cleanser you are also benefitting your hair by aiding in its growth. Did you know that aloe vera also softens your lips? So don't skip your lips while using it as a cleanser either. It basically soothes anything it touches. Do you see the beauty in the things given to us versus the things that we as man create in a lab? I could go so deep with this but I'll end it here by saying that when we use the things that are already here and given to us and we use it in the right ways, we benefit tenfold. When I say we, I'm speaking for humans, animals, plants, and all other forms of life. It is beautiful and grand yet so simple.

You Benefit The Earth
I really don't need to reiterate what I just said but since I'm passionate about this topic and about writing why not? lol We all know the condition of our planet right now. It's far from good and yeah it's our fault but one thing about Earth is that it always saves itself. Transforming time and time again. That still doesn't give us the right to keep manipulating it and destroying it with our useless experiments. When we try to quickly create solutions without careful thinking or consideration, we destroy the very things we are trying to solve even more. But when we utilize what we have and what we are given, we automatically create a better environment, society, and Earth. Ok, sorry for going that deep. lol It is the truth though. We could all benefit from using ingredients and techniques that are true and when we do, we benefit the Earth. 

You Benefit Animals
I'm not sure if you are aware of the fact that many beauty companies test their products on animals but yes they do. They also get some of their ingredients from animals. I'm not sure of the specifics but  I know it is not right. All I'm saying is that when we use plant-based ingredients there is no need to test a beauty product on an animal and there is no reason to use animals for ingredients just for human consumption. It sounds crazy to even be writing this. This should be common sense, right? Anywho, when we use plant-based beauty products our animals aren't harmed but they benefit from this very act. This is a very deep subject. As I am writing, my mind is really thinking and questioning more and more. I'll definitely be researching more into this. It is quite interesting. 

You Can Trace Back To The Source
I know where coconut, grapeseed oil, and Himalayan sea salt comes from and that's awesome. This is how it should be. I love that we are able to trace back to the source of ingredients in a product. When we can, we should. We should know the ins and outs of what we are investing our time and monies in. When you do trace back you learn so much more that you did not know before and it is quite unexpected. This leads to my next point.

You Learn In The Process
When we take the time to do our own research, we learn so much in the process and knowledge is ours to keep. It never fades. Win/win situation. Researching the meanings and benefits of different ingredients will lead to learning about many other ways your life as a whole could benefit from that specific ingredient. That specific ingredient in your beauty product could possibly be used in the kitchen, the yard, even in handy projects done around the house. The advantages are endless with knowledge. 

No Harsh Techniques
Once you know what particular formula or product you are working with, the technique that you use to apply it becomes effortless. Just say you are wanting to exfoliate so you go out and purchase an exfoliating tool and a cheapy cleanser. BLAH! lol What if you use sea salt, jojoba essential oil, and a bit of water for the perfect exfoliator instead? What if you already had these ingredients in your kitchen pantry? See where I'm going with this? Easy, peasy. Your technique now becomes mixing these products together, applying, and rinsing off. And it is more than likely going to work for a less-expensive price and will also be less-time consuming. That probably wasn't the best example but as long as you catch my vibe, we're good! :)

You Get To The Bottom Of What Works/What Doesn't Quicker
When we use plant-based products it is fairly simple to know if a product is working or not. The way nature works is like this. It does take time so you need patience but it responds rather quicker than later compared to many products that aren't made with green ingredients. You can quickly weed out what doesn't work and move on to what does work when using Organic skincare products. 

You Feel Great Knowing You Made A Utilitarian Decision
Lastly, you just feel good about it! Its an amazing feeling knowing you made the ethical decsion with having the highest regard for nature, Earth, and its inhabitants. There's no place like home so let's keep everything like we found it in its natural form, doing what it was made to do. It's simple, lets start acting like it.

Here are some organic, plant-based Skincare Products you can try out:

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