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Hello, How are ya? October is such an amazing month. It's the start of the holiday season, its when we spend more time with loved ones and start shopping for Christmas! I'm already in the spirit, I'm just so excited and feel so blessed just for the simple things in life. 

I recently updated my makeup. I had been using the same foundation, highlighter, mascara, etc. So I really wanted to include them in My October Favorites! Also, I've been loving these ankle boots that I posted about back in "How To Style Ankle Boots and Look Like A Stunner". I love wearing them with everything. So Let's Get Started...

Clinique's Stay Matte Oil-Free Foundation
This is my newest and most favorite foundation. Up to this point, It is literally the best foundation that I've ever had. I love its lightweight texture. This is also my perfect shade which has a lot to do with it being my fave. Its super easy to apply and glides on easily. I use my fingertips to apply it to my cheeks, forehead, and chin then I use my beauty blender to blend it in for an effortless, natural look. I'm a big fan of makeup that doesn't look like I have on makeup. This foundation gives me the perfect light-weight coverage. It's pretty hard to have a cake face with it but its also buildable. Doesn't take much at all to get that naturally, glamorous look!

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara
While false lashes make for a glamorous touch, I absolutely cannot wear them every single day. I'd much rather wear mascara that makes my lashes look just a glamorous without all of the irritation! I found the perfect one!!! Benefit's roller lash is soooo lit! I look like I have falsies on and I feel so glam wearing this mascara!You know a girl feels like she can conquer the world with the perfect lashes! I can easily make decisions all of a sudden lol I know exactly where my life is headed, and I know what I want to eat for lunch lol This Mascara instills in me the confidence I was missing, ha!

Nyx Brow Gel
 I was using Mac's brow gel but it dried out and I wanted to find an inexpensive alternative. I was in Ulta and found this one by NYX! It easily glides onto my brush and then onto my face for flawless application. It is exactly what I need! Fresh browssss, hey girl hey! Brows bring your face together. In my opinion, brows are the most important part and without the perfect brows, it's kinda hard to have fleeky makeup. 

Faux Patent Leather Ankle Boots
I knew these were going to make the list because they literally can make any outfit go from drab to fab! I need staples like these in my wardrobe for that particular reason. The mauve color is considered a neutral in my opinion and nude. Every girl needs that perfect nude shoe that'll complement any look and these are it for me. The heel height is right for me and the side zipper detail makes for a nice addition to the boot. Its simple in design but also a statement maker. 

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
When it comes to my skincare, i'm very picky about what goes into my skin. If you've been following along, you already know this :) I like my products all natural, organic, and preferably cruelty-free! I'd never think i'd be so picky about deodorant but hey life is about evolving. I'm totally obsessed with Schmidt's line of deodorant. My most favorite is the Lavender+Sage! I look forward to applying it because it smells like i'm literally running through lavender feels and the sun beams are shining on me lol. Ok, I know I took it there but i'm just telling you the truth. I feel good knowing that I'm putting only the real deal and nothing fake into my body. 

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading about my October Faves! What are some things that you are loving right now?

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