The Perfect Time To Plan For The New Year | Law of Attraction Planner

Hey glamsies! How's it going? I've been blah but I'm starting to feel better now that I've been writing things down more in my planners. I have 3 planners that I use but my new Law of Attraction planner is the one that I use on a daily basis. It's literally a lifesaver and super effective in getting me to accomplish thngs since its broken down from hour to hour. I recently published a YouTube video specifically about this. It was a much needed chit-chat concerning goals, planners, and career. I'll link it here so you can check it out! It's such a great time to plan for the new year ahead. With December being a month where many of us have time off to celebrate the holidays, its the perfect time to snuggle up, think, and plan out some of the things that you would like to take place in 2018!

I poured myself a glass of hot, mint-green tea and reflected on the past year. There was so many things that happened, good and bad. I am very grateful for the opportunity to change things that I want to change and also improve on some personal growth goals as well. Also looking back over 2017, I see my life in a magnifying glass with some of the events that took place because they really made me examine and zoom in on what is important. I now have such a fresh outlook on life and the things and areas of my life that I want to see improvement in. 

I'm now more set on being an entrepreneur now than I ever have been. I really believe that its my true calling. I'm going in all or nothing this time! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Talk to you soon.


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