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Welcome to 2018!

So happy to have you here reading The Glam Agent! I just want to first take the time to say thank you to everyone who has read and supported this blog last year and the years before, it truly means a lot to me! I'm ever so grateful to have you on this blogging journey with me. Blogging ain't easy but knowing that I'm not in this alone makes it worth it! 

Wow! What a year we all had in 2017 and we made it to 2018 so, CHEERSSS!
The thing I'm most excited for this year is everything...really there are so many things that can happen in one year. I'm ready to experience all that life has to offer in every sense. Career, relationships, travel, and just overall enjoying life. I'm currently in my twenties (twenty-five) and there is no better time to soak up all of this freedom, growth, and soul-evolving than RIGHT NOW. 

It is literally painful growing into a good woman but the rewards are so worth it. The transformation from young college girl to grown woman is a painful yet beautiful process. It happens so fast to everyone on the outside looking in but the process is painfully slow and there are so many times I'm alone with myself reflecting on those outworn parts of my being that no longer fit who I am. It's weird getting to know my new self but also very satisfying and refreshing. Soul-growth is so dirty, dark, and shocking. You dig up all of the bad parts of yourself and dissect them all the way to their rawest forms. Then you cry, scream, pull your hair out, lose yourself, and find yourself again. Only this time it's a new person that you find. A new you. You've transformed. You've transmuted all that you were into all that you are right now. The new and improved you. It is so refreshing in the end. Perfect for new beginnings. 

I feel like my soul-growth is right on time with the start of a new year. As the clock struck 12 o'clock a.m. I knew I could never go back to who I was and neither did I want to. I literally feel like I am aligned. 

Ok, enough of all of that. Let's talk Spring 2018 fashion! This is always my most favorite season because I'm so in love with pastels, florals, and cute sandals. Its so refreshing to shop for warm weather, vacations, and festivals! Aghhh, so exciting!

Well, that's all I have for now my loves and stay tuned for the next post coming soon!


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