How To Pamper Yourself Like A Goddess

Good Morning all! I hope you've had an amazing week so far. With this only being the second week in 2018, I know we are all busy, busy, busy in some way or another. I have to admit that I have not been feeling motivated lately because my creative juices have been stagnant! I feel like a need a refresher! A vacation out of the country to an island would be so on point for me right now.  I wouldn't even know how to act. That's how bad I need one. Buttt since I'm not able to go on one at this time, I will light a candle and pamper myself at home with some amazing beauty products.

My favorite things to do particularly on a Sunday evening (But any night you're feeling like pampering yourself) is to create a spa-like experience. A bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to relax and clear the clutter in my mind. I like to make sure that my whole bathroom is really clean because I'm a germophobe lol Nothing can go on unless this first step is completed thoroughly. Ok, great! I run my bath water and I like it super hot like most of us women do. Its just better this way because who wants to take a lukewarm bubble bath? Um, no. I light whatever candle I can find in my house. This one happens to be Campfire Donut from Bath & Body Works and it smells like warm, sugared donuts on a cold winter night lol. Yeah, I made that up. It's just something about having a candlelit around the bathtub that makes you feel like you're a boss bitch living a life of luxury. 

As my water is running I add an essential oil. Lavender is go-to for me. As you can see, I go ahead and put my ingredients alongside the bathtub so I'm prepared and don't have to go searching for things. I wanted to use a bath bomb from Lush. This particular one is a Jelly bomb. Ok so now that that is taken care of I set up my Pandora on my phone so I can have some nice tunes playing while I escape to another dimension. You know I have to put my slow jams on. I'm loving Daniel caesar's album Freudian. Every song on the album is lit and I can play the whole album through without skipping a song. 

I slip into my bath and soak up the aromas of lavender essential oil. I toss my bath bomb in for a mini show. I love to look at the bath bomb decorate my waters without manipulating it. It creates its own path and I just find so much symbolism in that. Like, that's kind of how we do as humans and whatever path that we create it is still beautiful as beauty is in everything. 

I soak for about 30 mins to an hour depending on how bad I needed that vacation. I then apply my facemask. This one is a green tea sheet mask that I recently purchased from this Korean beauty website called SOKO GLAM. Its rumored that Koreans have the best skincare products and rituals. I believe that to be true. I enjoyed this mask even though I was scared to look at myself. If you want a review of this product I'll be happy to write about it for you. 

This mask didn't have to be rinsed off so my skin soaked up all of its goodness. This is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. Its simple, effective and can be done at home. There's nothing like being able to use what you have in your home to create relaxing experience. Sometimes you have to create your own little vacation and imagine in your mind that you're on an island sipping bellinis while in your bubble bath! 


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