Hey, Glams! It's been a min....I've missed you!


Oh, how I've missed you! OMG, life has been a whirlwind. Not too bad though because I'm still here and came back to write this post! Cannot believe I haven't talked to y'all since 2020...but then again I can because of the C word. Covid changed all of our lives and quite frankly, life hasn't been the same since! Life will never be the same again. This is our new norm. Amidst everything going on, I've been adjusting in my own way. A way that is soothing and beneficial to my growth, development but mostly my overall well-being.

I quit teaching in 2021 and transitioned into being a full-time entrepreneur/ salon owner in April 2021! YAyyyyyy! I've always wanted to work for myself. I knew I would have my own business from a very young age. I finally did It. I made it happen. It was time! So my business is The Glam Cove and we do beauty services like eyelash extensions, brows, teeth whitening, and offer trainings! Its so much fun and it never feels like work until its tax time ughhhh lol. I hate doing taxes and I actually have to pay in now! Like, I'm a real adult now lol. Although I'm 31, I feel like I'm still 26. haha :)

I promised I would get back to blogging because writing is one of my favorite things to do! So, I actually have time to write today because I'm literally getting my car maintenanced and Mercedes Benz takes like 5 hours to service your vehicle. Since they didn't have a loner vehicle available, they got their driver to drive me to the outdoor mall. I stopped at Barnes & Nobles since I had to catch up on some computer work. So here we are....

I got a new car in 2021 too! A brand new 2022 A220 Mercedes Benz in the color Denim. She's a pretty Blue color just like Blue Jeans! I named her "Denim" lol 
Okay so 2021 was a year of stepping into my manifestations okayyyyyy!

2025 is going to be the year I step into my next batch of manifestations! I've been planning for so much growth and evolution that I know its around the corner! My life is about to level up again...I DECREE AND DECLARE THIS! 

Okayyyy I have to get back to my business work! I'm working on a few things so salon and brand expansion is very likely and I'm so excited for this! 

Talk to you soon.

The Glam Agent

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