Buy This E-book

Who can buy the eBooks?

Anyone – they are digital files (not hardcopies, do not require shipping).  Upon completion of purchase, the files are immediately emailed to you to download.
How do I order?
You can order from a computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or mobile device.
When can I expect to receive my eBook?
You will receive a link to download your eBook immediately after purchasing to the email address provided at the time of your order.
How do I download?
You can download onto any computer, iPad or tablet.  Please make sure to save files immediately after you download.
Can I download onto a mobile device?
You are not able to save and store files on a mobile device.  I would recommend saving to an iPad, tablet, laptop, or your computer first, you always have the option to email to your mobile device afterwards.

Can I cancel my order?
Once an order has been submitted you are not able to cancel an order or receive a refund.
How can I receive a discount off my order?
You will receive a discount code for every product review you leave!
I sent an email, when can I expect a response?
Please allow 24 hours to receive a response

Refund policy:

No refund policy – once an order has been submitted you will automatically receive an email with your files to download.  Once an order is placed, it is a final order.  No cancellations or refunds.

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