Amelia Island | Fernandina Island's Shrimp Fest 2016

 Amelia Island beaches are so relaxing and the beach houses are adorable! Owning a beach house or two  is definitely one of my life goals lol #GOALS
Seriously, thats one I love about taking get to see what else is out there, what else is possible, and I always add something to my list of goals when I get back home! :)
 This mimosas was made with blue cauraco, $3 I ever spent lol
 Low country boil time & Coronas w/ lime!
 Daiquiris at the bars during Shrimp Fest! There's a big bar hop party later that night!! We had a blast!
We had lunch at this restaurant on the beach called Sandy Bottoms, They had $3 mimosas and other drink specials !! Like OMG, I was in heaven and was sad to leave! The weather was perfect this day! It was Sunday and we had to get on the road to get back to Georgia :( I'm moving to Florida VERY soon, I ABSO love it there!


  1. Took a mini trip to Amelia Island this summer and absolutely loved it, so when I saw shrimp and Amelia Island together I spazzed out lol. I will definitely look into going to the next shrimp fest they have, and your blog is amazing!

    1. Hi Darling!! I'm soooo happy you stopped by and took the time to comment! Thank you! We should def meet up next year if we both go to Shrimp Fest! Xo, Jamesia