The Best Way To Care for your Skin During Colder Months

The Best Way to Care for your Skin during Colder Months
Some people really appreciate the colder months because this time of the year is spent with family and friends celebrating many holidays and accomplishments that have taken place during the year. This is also the time when people travel a lot and neglect their skin. Some people are aware of the harsh effects that the winter season can bring. But not all people realize the fact that the winter season can bring dryness to the feet, hands, and face. This can be more than just a dry and tight feeling. The skin can easily get parched which can result in cracking, flaking, and itchy skin. 
Read on further and discover more about the best ways to care for your skin during colder months. Your skin will stay healthy and moist all throughout the winter months as long as you follow all of these tips!
Moisturize More
Having that lotion or moisturizer that you used during the Spring and Summer months is probably what most people will continue to use during the Fall and Winter. These moisturizers are light-weight and won't work as well for you during colder months. I would recommend a serum and an overnight mask because these must-have intense beauty staples are way more effective and deeply adds moisture and an extra layer of protection to your skin!  This should specifically be oil-based than water-based. Prior to this oil element, it will create a very protective layer on the skin which will then retain a lot of moisture. This is a lot better than choosing for a lotion or a cream.
Apply a Sunscreen 
While sunscreen is usually applied during the summertime, it also is vital to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your hands and face during the winter months as well. 
Set Up the Humidifier
If there are heating systems around the offices and homes, they blast dry and hot air. Humidifiers will be useful in getting moisture in the air. This is particularly suggested by experts to help counter the effects brought by drying to your skin and also helps with breathing! Win/win situation. Put some small-sized humidifiers all throughout the corners of your home, if possible. They will usually help you diffuse the moisture properly and evenly. 

Hydrate For the Purpose of Health and not just for your Skin
When you drink a lot of water, it will naturally help your skin to stay good-looking and young-looking. Water will always be good to promote overall health. The skin will benefit more by staying hydrated especially because of the fluid intake. 
It's easy to see the glow of your skin when you've been drinking water andtaying hydrated. True beauty is good health and taking care of yourself. Mind, body, and spirit!
Apply Some Lotion to your Feet
Minty feet lotions will highly be appreciated during the Winter months. For this season, your feet will demand a more potent type of lotion. Try to find some lotions which contain all-natural ingredients like shea and mango butters! I also highly recommend essential oils like jojoba, lavender, and tea tree. Make use of exfoliants to be able to remove dead skin. These exfoliants will be an aid for moisturizers to sink in deeper and faster. 
Do Not Soak In Super Hot Bath Water
With the heat brought by a hot bath or hot shower, it will naturally break down the moisture barriers you have in your skin. This will naturally lead to loss of natural oils created by your body. You will benefit more from using warm water. But, if you choose to take a hot bath, just take note to stay in the water for a short period of time. (We all need a hot bath every now in then)

Consider all these things as one magic formula for winter skincare and look forward to being rewarded with healthy, beautiful skin during the colder months of the year!

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